Ivy-Baron provides a wide, deep spectrum of technology services to help organizations change their strategic business techniques into IT initiatives and solutions that improves performance.

Ivy-Baron combines deep technology expertise and industry-specific insights into how technology impacts people and processes to deliver solutions that help clients achieve business outcomes with agility, speed and certainty.

Technology Consulting

Top companies invest their time, talent and capital to develop those competencies that will set them apart from their competitors. Combining a solid understanding of business processes with deep industry knowledge and implementation technique, Ivy-Baron Technology gives IT leaders practical solutions to address their most crucial business challenges.

IT Strategy and Transformation

IT leaders face an impressive challenge: meeting their organizations’ high expectations of IT services while managing costs and preparing IT to meet the needs of the business. Ivy-Baron understands the challenges and opportunities, and has built world-class IT strategy consulting capabilities to help organizations capitalize on emerging growth prospects, high levels of IT efficiency and position the IT organization and business for the future.

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