ivy-Edu 4.0 ERP

Integrated Automation Solutions for Educational Infrastructure. It automates every functional areas of an institution like Library, Student Admission, Student Information, Examination, Salary, Accounts, Budget, Establishment, Hostel, Asset Tracking, Letter Management etc.

This product is available in 4 editions.


ivy-eduSystem Admin

Product code: IED40607-001
This module is about administrator rights. It allows the Administrator to add unlimited number of Users like HR, Accountant, Security, Front Office Staff etc and to assign them access permissions.

ivy-eduMaster Management

Product code: IED40607-002
This module helps to insert and manage multiple master data, like Country, City, State, Banks etc.

ivy-eduStudent Management

Product code: IED40607-003
The purpose of Student module is to manage records of students. This module helps to search all students according to class, Student Reg Number, Academic Year, etc., user can promote student to a higher class after completion of a session and as well keep records of student status, activities and transfers.

ivy-eduHuman Resource Management

Product code: IED40607-004
The HR module features manages Staff recruitment, job openings and interviews. It also provides staff-IDs as well as manages Staff login.

ivy-eduManagement Login

Product code: IED40607-005
Management login enables access to manage DRR (Daily Report Register), Student & Staff ststus, T&P Management etc.

ivy-eduStaff Login

Product code: IED40607-006
Through Staff login, staffs can update and view their profile and personal & communication details as well. Faculties can take attendance, post online notice, view student marks, course structures, timetable etc.

ivy-eduStudent Login

Product code: IED40607-007
It enables students to update their profile, view attendance, timetable, results, fees details, course structure ets. Also students can give feedback.

ivy-eduParent Login

Product code: IED40607-008
Parents can login to their account to view their ward’s activity details, exams, timetable, course, profile, fees details, give feedback etc.

ivy-eduPre-Admission Management

Product code: IED40607-009
The Pre-Admission module is quick admission process, it helps user to admit a student directly without filling the enquiry forms i.e direct enrollments.

ivy-eduClass Management

Product code: IED40607-010
This module manages curriculum details and classes to be assigned to students and faculties as well.

ivy-eduCourse Management

Product code: IED40607-011
This module manages different branches and subjects, also assign optional subjects to students.

ivy-eduAttendance Management

Product code: IED40607-012
Faculties can take student attendance through this module. Reports for attendance details can be generated date wise, month wise, session wise, branch wise, subject wise and student wise.

ivy-eduTime-Table Management

Product code: IED40607-013
Timetable management is one of the most important modules that manages class timings and can be viewed by students and staffs through login.

ivy-eduExam Management

Product code: IED40607-014
This module manages student exam details with marks and percentage, also keeps records of university exam details.

ivy-eduFees Management

Product code: IED40607-015
This is one of the most important modules, which keeps records of student fees collection details. User can create and manage fees heads according to requirements and generate reports of collected amount and dues amount at single click in various formats, such as: student wise, year wise, branch/semester wise etc.

ivy-eduLibrary Management

Product code: IED40607-016
Library management module helps the user to manage library books details as well as keeps records of new and old books, assign books to students and staff, order for new books and so on.

ivy-eduLaboratory Management

Product code: IED40607-017
Laboratory management system helps user to manage laboratory activities & accessories along with allotment of laboratory.

ivy-eduTutorial Management

Product code: IED40607-018
The Tutorial module helps to manage entirely the syllabus, the study material and the question bank. External content of helpful educational resources can be added under Booklet.

ivy-eduData Repository Management

Product code: IED40607-019
This module manages student and parent login as well as verifies profile details submitted by students.

ivy-eduFeedback Management

Product code: IED40607-020
Through this module user can manage all types of feedback from students and parents related to faculties and organization.

ivy-eduHostel Management

Product code: IED40607-021
This module manages all hostel related activities, such as: assigning hostel rooms, mess activity, generate report on vacant rooms and hostel status.

ivy-eduTransport Management

Product code: IED40607-022
This module manags the transportation system for the organization. Provision to define a route and attach vehicles, students and staffs to the route are provided. Transportation Reports for Driver, Vehicle, Student and Staff can be generated.

ivy-eduSMS Management

Product code: IED40607-023
This module allows to send SMS to staffs, students and parents regarding student marks, attendance and other organizational activities.

ivy-eduStaff Management

Product code: IED40607-024
This module add and manage staff details, departments and activities including contact and personal details.

ivy-eduStaff Attendance Management

Product code: IED40607-025
Like student attendance, staff attendance also is a necessary part of an organization which is managed by this module and if required, it affects payroll system.

ivy-eduPayroll Management

Product code: IED40607-026
The Payroll take care of defining all perks, deductions, leave, tax, loans, advance etc. Generate Pay-Slip at the convenience of a single mouse click.

ivy-eduOnline Leave Management

Product code: IED40607-027
Staff can apply for leave online through their login facility, and authorities also can approve/disapprove leave applied by staffs.

ivy-eduPromotion Management

Product code: IED40607-028
This module keeps records of staff designation, working skills, experience, activities, feedback and considers all details for staff promotion.

ivy-eduStaff Feedback Management

Product code: IED40607-029
Staffs can also give feedback about organization, system, students and can give suggestions.

ivy-eduCommittee Management

Product code: IED40607-030
It manages Committee Members details, their decisions, responsibilities and keeps record about terms, conditions and rules to be followed in the organization.

ivy-eduMeeting Management

Product code: IED40607-031
Manages all types of official meeting conducted, all types of necessary feedback, suggestions and discussions. This module also manages the meetings to be held.

ivy-eduEnquiry Management

Product code: IED40607-032
This helps the front office staffs to manage the enquiries and respond to them properly and it also gives reports on admitted and non-admitted students so that management can work effectively.

ivy-eduHelp Desk Management

Product code: IED40607-033
This module manages all types of complains which will be monitored by the authorities. All types of complains like student related, staff & organization related, new requirements, change request and training related can be managed by this module.

ivy-eduBack Office Management

Product code: IED40607-034
This is an important module which manages all types of back-office works.

ivy-eduMIS Report Management

Product code: IED40607-035
The Report Module is the vital module which generates numerous reports that includes fee details, administration, library, student details, employees details and many more.

ivy-eduPurchase Order Management

Product code: IED40607-036
Manages various purchase details and generates purchase orders.

ivy-eduInventory Management

Product code: IED40607-037
The Inventory Module helps to maintain all the stocks, inventory and sale/purchase of goods. This module is useful which maintains with trading of goods in hostel, sale purchase of books or uniform etc. Using this module you can enter purchase and sale transactions, maintain the stock of all goods, view inventory reports and so on.

ivy-eduAssets Management

Product code: IED40607-038
This module keeps records of all assets like machinery and electronics items, goods, furniture etc.

ivy-eduPayments Management

Product code: IED40607-039
Payment modules manages all types of payments to different vendors or parties.

ivy-eduSecurity Management

Product code: IED40607-040
User entry track, modification track, time and place where the user works in the respective module can be generated at the time of requirement.

ivy-eduBackup Management

Product code: IED40607-041
There is an automated back-up facility which automatically keeps backup of data. But in case user wants to keep backup of data urgently or for any specific purpose, this module will help to take data backup. User can also import data.

ivy-eduAlumni Management

Product code: IED40607-042
This module manages all the Alumni details including their academic and personal details for any kind of further requirements.

ivy-eduSLC Management

Product code: IED40607-043
This module allows user to generate SLC based on activities and performances of the students leaving the organization.

ivy-eduID Card Management

Product code: IED40607-044
This modules generates Identity Cards for students and staff with a unique ID. It also manages the printing and issuing of ID cards.

ivy-eduDocuments Management

Product code: IED40607-045
All official documents are managed using this module.

ivy-eduLetters Management

Product code: IED40607-046
This module manages all official letter details.

ivy-eduIntra-Mail Management

Product code: IED40607-047
Through intra-mail communication, Admin, staffs and students can exchange messages.

ivy-eduNotice Board Management

Product code: IED40607-048
The Notice Board module can be used for special announcements, Information, Institute awards, Award Certificates, activities of the institute and so on. All updated information will be displayed on the right panel.

ivy-eduCafeteria Management

Product code: IED40607-049
This module manages cafeteria details like food menu and other equipments.

ivy-eduInfrastructure Management

Product code: IED40607-050
This module manages organization buildings, such as: Administrative, office, departments, hostel, cafeteria etc.

ivy-eduHoliday Management

Product code: IED40607-051
All holidays for an academic year are managed by this module.

ivy-eduEvent Management

Product code: IED40607-052
This modules manages all events organized at the organization including sports, functions, competitions, ceremonies etc.

ivy-eduMedia Management

Product code: IED40607-053
This module manages media budgets and advertisement details.

ivy-eduPhoto Album Management

Product code: IED40607-054
Photo album module keeps records of all photos of various events, picnics, and other programs.

ivy-eduVideo Management

Product code: IED40607-055
Like photo album, video management module also keeps record of the videos of different events and programs.

ivy-eduThought Management

Product code: IED40607-056
This is an additional module, which allows user to post any quote or thought to be displayed on the home page.

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